Shofu Resin Glaze Liquid (6mL)

Shofu Resin Glaze Liquid (6mL)

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SHOFU Resin Glaze Liquid (6mL)  

Resin Glaze light-cure, temporary surface resin coat is developed to simplify the final finishing processes by providing a naturally aesthetic glaze on a range of indirect resin restorations from indirect composites, acrylic dentures and artificial teeth as well as hybrid ceramics. It is especially suitable to coat and protect difficult to access/polish areas of posterior restorations- pits and fissures, interproximal surfaces from staining/discoloration.  


  • Remarkable Color Stability
    – Minimizes discoloration after optimal light curing
  • High level of surface cure
    – Minimal residual monomer (sticky layer)
  • Excellent Surface Gloss
    – Aesthetic surface luster with just one application
  • Greater durability and wear resistance
    – Higher degree of monomer conversion ensures uniform and deep cure


  • Indirect Composite - Ceramage
  • CADCAM Hybrid Ceramics - Shofu Block / Disk HC
  • CADCAM PMMA materials
  • Acrylic resin denture prosthesis Artificial teeth - Livera Alpha & Endura
  • Provisional resin restorations


  1. Finish and smoothen surface with SoftCut PB
  2. Apply Resin Glaze Primer (Optional) & allow to self-dry for 10 sec (To enhance bond strength)
  3. Apply single layer of Resin Glaze Liquid 4. Light cure with MiCD Alpha-Cure LED 180 sec (Applicable wavelength: 400 nm-410 nm)


  • CeraResin Bond Set
  • Lite Art Full Set


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