Vintage Art Universal Basic Color Kit

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What’s in the Offer?

・Free Gift: Vintage Art Universal Basic Color Kit (valued at $577.50)
・Qualifying Purchase: Buy any 10 LayZir Zirconia Discs (Mix'n'Match sizes & available shades)

Why Choose LayZir Zirconia Discs?
Exceptional Strength: Reliable performance for long-lasting restorations.
Outstanding Aesthetics: Mimics the natural tooth appearance for stunning results.
✔ Variety of Shades: Perfect match for every patient.

About the Vintage Art Universal Basic Color Kit
VINTAGE Art Universal satins and glaze assortments for shade adjustments of ceramic restorations including zirconia and Lithium disilicate.

Versatile Application: Perfect for creating lifelike dental restorations.
High-Quality Pigments: Achieve precise and consistent results.
User-Friendly: Easy application
Low fusing stains and glazes: Excellent luster and color intensity

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