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Subscription Canon Milling Solutions

Including Milling Machine, 3 Free Discs per month, a warranty and extra spindle(s)

First Time in the USA!

LayZir All Indication Zirconia Discs 

First Time in the USA!

Exclusive SDS Subscription benefits included

No Upfront Costs

Simply pay a fixed monthly fee for easy and convenient usage.

Best Deal

During the contract period, take advantage of various perks and benefits become more cost-effective the more you use the service.


After the contract ends, options for purchase, renewal, and return are available.

High-speed / High-precision 5-axis dental milling machine
using technology cultivated in industrial products 

Key features

Calibration not required:

High-precision linear guides and ball screws for the X, Y, and Z axes and high-precision decelerators for the A and B axes are adopted to reduce displacement and eliminate the need for operator calibration.

Holder chuck system for high gripping force:

Milling tool is secured by holding it with a chuck nut for high gripping force. This reduces fluctuation due to rotation to enable high-precision milling.

High-precision milling:

Milling of thin margin lines now possible. This dramatically reduces the work time required for hand finishing by a dental technician.

90 degree milling C-shaped clamp:

This C-shaped clamp is disk flame holder having an operating. From operating, the milling tool can directly process the interproximal area of frontal teeth, which improves more aesthetic appearance.

ATC (Auto Tool Changer):

An ATC function for automatically changing 10 milling tools enables smooth tool changing according to the required milling.

Highly Recommended for
Dental Lab Owners and Dentists

who want to choose a
small and fixed monthly
payment for easier
management of your

who always strive to
optimize the dental lab
workflow with the latest
and most advanced

who seek equipment
that meets your further
demands, including fast processing speed and
high processing accuracy.

desire to be freed from
the weekly hassle of



Canon MD-500


Roland DWX-53DC

More Details
Millable Material

Zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, Hybrid Ceramic Wax, Glassfiber reinforced Hybrid Ceramic

Zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, Hybrid Ceramic Wax, Glassfiber reinforced Hybrid Ceramic CoCr sintermetal

Material Form

Disc (98.5mm w/step), Block with Pin

Maximum Height 3mm

Disc (98.5mm w/step), Block with Pin

Maximum Height 3mm

Automatic-Disc Changer

 (6 discs)

Calibration Free




Number of Control Axes



Rotary Axis

A ±360

B ±30



90 degree milling

Spindle speed

5,000~60,000 min-1

6,000~30,000 rpm

Feed Speed

Cutting: Max. 50,000 mm/min (X, Y, and Z)

Rapid traverse: 150,000 mm/min ((X, Y, and Z)

XY: ~3,000 mm/min Z: ~2,700 mm/min

Milling Tool Storage



Attachable Bur

Shank 4mm (Diameter), 45-60mm (Length)

Shank 4 mm(Diameter), 40-55mm (Length)

Compatible Compressed Air

0.6-0.7 MPa

0.4 MPa

External Dimensions and Weight

500mm (W) x 740mm (D) x 680mm (H)

19.68 in (W) x 29.13 in (D) x 26.77 in (H)



598 mm(W) × 763mm (D) × 831mm (H)

23.54 in (W) × 30.03 in (D) × 32.68 in (H)





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