CAD/CAM Materials

CAD/CAM Materials

LayZir All Indication Zirconia Disc

  • FDA Cleared
  • Aesthetics on Par with Lithium Disilicate
  • Greatly Reduced Sintering Distortion
  • Excellent Millability Across All Systems
  • Proprietary 3Y and 5Y Blending

Never Compromise Performance for Aesthetics!

We get it…. Dental Technicians are constantly being asked to suppress their own artistry to achieve functional demands. Thanks to LayZir All Indication Zirconia Discs, you’ll never have to make that sacrifice again!

LayZir Discs are FDA-Cleared and manufactured to the highest quality standards using premium yttrium-stabilized zirconia from Tosoh*. State-of-the-art multi-dimensional gradation technology seamlessly blends 3Y and 5Y together to optimize strength throughout the restoration, while also delivering excellent aesthetic characteristics. LayZir provides an unsurpassed 1,450 MPa flexural modulus at cervical, where it’s needed most. At the occlusal area, where excessive strength can impact opposing dentition, LayZir’s 1,030 MPa provides a durable restoration with less abrasion.

Artistry Shines Through

Enamel Layer

Optimized for unparalleled aesthetics with a stunning 44% translucency, LayZir is well-indicated for high profile anterior cases.  As an added benefit, with a flexural strength of 1,030 MPa at the occlusal/incisal area, LayZir was intentionally designed to minimize stress to the opposing dentition.

Transition Layers

Proprietary multi-dimensional gradation micro-structure technology provides a natural transition from cervical opacity, to incisal translucency.

Cervical Layer

Industry leading 1,450 MPa flexural strength provides you with that extra assurance that your restoration will withstand the constant strain of occlusal forces. Moreover, 63% opacity and excellent chroma characteristics allow you to cover those challenging anterior aesthetic cases with confidence.


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(Roland DWX-52D)

 * “Tosoh is not a registered trademark of Smart Dentistry Solutions Inc.

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