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Ceraresin Bond


Ceraresin Bond is a bonding system specifically designed for the repair of ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, and C&B materials.

  • Bonds all ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, resin composite, and C&B materials
  • Fast and easy procedures provide a durable bond
  • Works on both intra-oral and extra-oral procedures
  • Extremely resistant to moisture and thermal strains

With this simple to use system, both dentists and laboratory professionals can securely and reliably bond various materials including light-cured laboratory composites such as Ceramage extra-orally, or even light-cured resin composites such as BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus for veneering or repair intra-orally.  The material is extremely resistant to moisture and thermal strains providing a long lasting, durable bond.

Featured in BEST PEARLS of 2013 in Dental Economics

Ceraresin Bond Porcelain & Resin Repair System from Shofu Dental
Picture this: your assistant seats a patient who immediately points to an anterior crown that has a piece of porcelain broken off the incisal corner. In my experience, I have not had a lot of long-term success in repairing the porcelain. At that point, I remake the crown, usually at my expense. I have recently tried CeRaresin Bond in these circumstances with excellent adhesion and no loss of the repaired restoration.

PN 1741 • Ceraresin Bond
6 mL of Bond 1, 5 mL of Bond 2, 50 micro brushes, and 5 disposable V-dish 0.1 mL unit doses